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We swiped right.


Well, at least Ago did. 

Brittany, with a 20 mile radius, swiped left on Ago, who was living 19 miles away. She was really bothered by the fact that he didn’t take the time to complete his profile. But then, being inspired by something (probably all of the red flags photoshopped in the back of the picture), Brittany shook her phone to bring Ago’s profile back into view (it’s a Bumble thing) and got another chance at love. Now we have it, they both swiped right! Success, right? Not quite.

For weeks, Ago would text Brittany -- and while conversations and banter were great, it probably would have been easier for Ago to meet up with a leprechaun riding a unicorn (that’s a horse joke). On June 1, 2019, Ago told himself this was going to be the last time he would text Brittany. Ago, being the gentleman that he is, asked Brittany out to dinner. To his surprise, she said yes.

They were scheduled to go to dinner the very next day: June 2. Ago texted to confirm. Brittany, while riding her horse Douce, was thinking of ways to cancel on Ago, until a little voice in the back of her head told her to shut up and go. Ago thinks that was Bobo (Brittany’s grandfather) kicking her in the butt and he thanks that little voice every day.

They met at the Gladstone Tavern (Brittany was 14 minutes late) and Ago probably ate the worst meal of his life, but he was in the best company (Ago is referring to Brittany -- not their waiter who was flirting with him for most of the evening...he really liked Ago's glasses). The two talked all night and had the greatest time. Ago even asked Brittany if she had to get naked to go to the bathroom because she was wearing a romper — smooth question Ago. They had such an amazing time that they went to the bar for a nightcap, where a stranger told Ago to run for his life because “horse people are crazy.” For the record, horse people ARE crazy, but he’s really glad he didn’t run.

Brittany left for Spain with two of her girlfriends shortly after dinner and was gone for two weeks. She saw Ago the day she returned and gave him a present from her travels. Maybe she got him a soccer jersey because he’s a huge soccer fan? Maybe she came home with some smoked chorizo? Nope. Salt and pepper shakers. Brittany remembered a comment that Ago jokingly made at dinner, “all lawyers collect salt and pepper shakers.” That is when he knew that she liked him. This is why they collect salt and pepper shakers from everywhere they go.

Brittany and Ago went on some amazing and fun dates. Some of the memorable dates include the time that they went to dinner in New York City where Brittany fell while walking in the street, or when Ago took Brittany to a Billy Joel concert and he slipped and fell down the steps (as a result of the slip and fall lawsuit settlement, Ago is now a partial owner of MSG), or when they went to go see Thomas Rhett at PNC Bank, but they never actually saw Thomas Rhett (we’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that some of Brittany’s insides are still on the side of the Garden State Parkway). That summer, Brittany even invited Ago down to LBI for a weekend. While trying to avoid asking Ago the dreaded “what are we?” question, Brittany instead told Ago it was okay if he wanted to see other women while also dating Brittany. This left Ago very confused.

While on a trip to Miami with his friends, Ago almost drowned. This drowning is what helped him realize that he really loved Brittany. As his arms and legs were fluttering in the middle of the ocean, Ago thought, I’m never going to get to see Brittany again. Ago triumphantly made it to the sand bar, only to realize it was high tide and that meant it was time to swim back to shore. Ago escaped this near death situation, and made it home from Miami with plans to see Brittany later that day. Instead, Ago fell asleep on the couch and stood her up.

On September 20, 2019, Brittany and Ago went to see Thomas Rhett (again) at Madison Square Garden. This was Brittany’s way of trying to make up for the first time when they did not see Thomas Rhett. They went to dinner before the concert at Hill Country BBQ (one of Ago’s favorite restaurants), and Ago told Brittany he loved her for the first time. Allegedly, Ago told Brittany that he loved her while he was inebriated a few weeks prior, to which she did not respond. Luckily, this time she responded (probably because the delicious brisket had her in a good mood).

On December 26, 2019, Ago and Brittany went to Aruba and celebrated the New Year on the beach. While watching the fireworks, they thought 2020 was going to be such an amazing year. Approximately two months later, the world shut down because of COVID-19. Brittany and Ago survived the pandemic as most people did: watching Netflix (Ago almost drove Brittany crazy singing Bella Ciao from Casa de Papel); playing scopa; learning to play golf; and house shopping (the number of houses they saw!!). Brittany even cut Ago’s hair a few times -- somehow he still loves her.

On October 31, 2020, Ago and Brittany closed on their home in Lebanon, New Jersey. Soon thereafter, Brittany would learn how useless Ago is around the house. Brittany repainted the house; Brittany installed the window blinds and curtains; and Brittany does most of the work involving a hammer or drill. Ago replaced the light switches, to which certain lights still do not properly work. Ago also mows the lawn and his lines are about as straight as a circle. Despite this, Brittany still loves Ago.

Brittany and Ago enjoy spending time together. Some of their favorite activities include relaxing on the beach, riding horses (while Ago shovels the horse manure), cheering on their favorite soccer team, AS ROMA (DAJE), and going on walks with Tune, their 165-pound lap dog (no joke). Tune loves to make appearances on Zoom meetings, cries because he wants to go outside (all the time), and barks at the doorbell (even if it is from the TV). When looking for a house, a nice, big backyard was on top of the priority list because Tune loves to be outside and explore. Brittany and Ago prioritized the installation of a fence for Tune; however, Tune hates the backyard, but loves his walks, no matter the weather.

In May of 2021, Brittany received a phone call from the Arabian Times asking to feature her in their magazine (it’s a big deal in the horse industry). They were going to send a photographer for a photoshoot at the barn and an article was going to be written about Brittany’s equestrian achievements. The only catch, Brittany is too smart and overthinks everything -- her suspicions were raised. 

On June 12, 2021, Brittany was ready at the barn in a long flowing maroon dress. Her hair and makeup was done and she looked like the most people person in the world (normally, at the barn, she looks like a lunch lady with her hair net). The photographer took Brittany out into the middle of the field to take some pictures with Douce. Douce, being the primadonna that he is, was not in the mood to be photographed. He had just gotten a bath and the photographer’s umbrella light was scary! The photographer instructed Brittany to get on Douce bareback (for the non-horsemen, that means without a saddle). This was probably not the best idea given that Douce was not cooperating. Brittany was visibly frustrated and Ago watched nervously from the distance. Thankfully, Brittany did not fall off.


Onto the next location -- the river. The photographer asked Brittany to trudge through the river with Douce (to clarify, this means IN the river). Ago, who was hiding in the bushes, panicked because that was not the plan. Again, Brittany is not a happy camper; she was soaked and her dress got ripped when Douce stepped on it. After hoping the misery was over, the photographer wanted more photos. Visibly frustrated, Brittany changed into a black dress on the riverbank while her friend Lauren tried to cover her with a dish towel. Ago, still in the bushes, laughed and thought, Brittany is going to kill me!

Brittany was told to walk up the hill with Douce. Hearing someone running up behind him, Douce got spooked. Brittany, on her last straw, was ready to turn around and yell at whatever idiot was running up behind the horse until she heard Ago breathing (not sure what that means about Ago’s physical prowess). Ago grabbed Brittany’s hand, got down on a knee and, instead of the big speech he had prepared, told her “I love you so much. I’m so sorry for all of this. Will you marry me?” Thankfully, she said yes. Shortly after, Tune came running over in a tuxedo.

Forever starts on June 18, 2022 and they are so excited for you to join them as they say “I do”.

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