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The Wedding Party

Meet our "I-Do" crew

The ladies


Madeleine Trezza

Maid of Honor

How I met the bride:  I met Brittany through riding horses with her mom, Dana.

Favorite experience with the bride: Singing Billy Joel's "Vienna" on a balcony in Mallorca, Spain to Germans while wearing flower crowns.

Fun fact about me: I was once outrun by a sloth!

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . not knowing the words to the bad 90s pop songs!


Peter Webster

Man of Honor

How I met the bride:  I met the bride at a local restaurant when she was 16. I thought her Stuart Weitzman black and white dalmation boots were adorable.

Favorite experience with the bride: Going to a friend’s party dressed up in 70s attire. My Afro was so big that it wouldn’t fit in a normal car…so we rented a SUV.

Fun fact about me: I fall asleep listening to prank calls every night.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . who is the amazing dancer and crying in between songs.


Delia Pavlichko


How I met the bride:  I spent a lot of time with Brittany’s grandmother. She was so fun to talk to. She shared stories, advice and tons of laughter. One day she mentioned she had a granddaughter around my age and insisted that we meet. Of course I was reluctant, I am not a horse person and this gal is a famous one! But Gerri was such a wise soul, she knew we could help each other. And we did. The friendship that came from that is such an amazing gift. Thank you, Gerri xoxo 

Favorite experience with the bride: I’m honored to have far too many amazing memories with Brittany. Over the last 18 years, we’ve grown up and out together. I’ve watched Brittany come into her own and build a network of amazing people around her. Live in the moment. Travel the world. Explore possibilities. All things we talked and dreamt about as kids. The world seemed so much smaller to a teenager. So, I’m a year older than Britt. I went through some milestones before her. One vivid memory, that still brings a smile to my face, was having my license and going to pick Britt up at her house. We were so excited. Dana, however, was not. Lol. We were probably going to pick up a pizza or something mundane… 2 miles down the road. I wasn’t sure we would actually ever get out of the driveway. Britt had to sit in the back, middle seat. And I do believe pillows were involved—or at the very least mentioned. This was the start of the many adventures we would share together. 

Fun fact about me: I've never ridden a horse!

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . helping the bride hold up the dress so she can go to the bathroom, LOL!


NinaMaria Zammiello


How I met the bride:  Through my brother Ago, obviously.

Favorite experience with the bride: When she almost killed me on the golf course by not yelling "fore" and chipping a missile at my head. 

Fun fact about me: I can say the alphabet backwards.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . first on the dance floor!



How I met the bride:  Through mutual friends over 15 years ago!

Favorite experience with the bride: Our many road-trips and vacations to Florida and horse shows. Number one being adventures at the Lani Kai.

Fun fact about me: I basically have a zoo - I love to rescue unwanted or injured animals and make them a part of my family.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . making sure the bride is having the night of her life with no worries!

Jessica Finn


Lauren Trezza


The Gents


Giovanni Zammiello

Best Man

How I met the groom:  I met him when I was 1 year, 1 month and 14 days old…and shared a lifelong of amazing memories since: from dousing him in baby powder and making him a ghost, smashing his head on the fireplace during an intense game of indoor soccer when I was 4 because I am not competitive at all….. to watching him as a proud big bro graduate undergrad before me as the first Zammiello to do so, and watching him crush and graduate law school, all with grace, comedy and the big heart that he has.

Favorite experience with the groom:  There are so many I’m not sure I can choose. I think one of my favorite memories was playing with my brother my senior year at Morris catholic. He worked so hard to get in shape to play and get on the field with me and he did. I was super proud and brought me back to the younger days when all we’d do is play soccer and on the same team. The one game I fondly remember was against Newark academy my senior year at Newark academy in states. Although hating not ever being on the field, my brother ended up subbing me out in the second half and I couldn’t have been happier and prouder to sit back on the bench, watch him play and tear it up.

Fun fact about me:  I was scouted as the 69th midfielder talent in the nation by top drawer soccer my senior year at Seton Hall - they already knew I get after it on and off the field

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . crying through the best man’s speech (yes I will be giving it), requesting all of the Italian and Spanish music and dominating the desserts table!


Anthony Correale


How I met the groom:  I met Ago in high school.

Favorite experience with the groom: Doing the twist in high school.

Fun fact about me: I like SOCCER!

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . doing whatever Ago tells me to do.




How I met the groom: I met Ago in high school after we both had transferred from our previous educational institutions. We bonded during history class together where one group project would live on in infamy. Needless to say, the rest is history.

Favorite experience with the groom: Visiting Ago during his stint in Eugene, OR and then going in Portland and painting the town before getting on the maiden Southwest flight from Portland to Orange County, CA to fulfill Ago's lifelong dream of going to Disneyland. To alleviate Ago's anxiety of getting on the second flight of his life, the SW crew gave us celebratory cookies and assured us that they had enough fuel to make the trip.

Fun fact about me: I was a Newcastle United fan before they became the richest club in the world and Santiago Muñoz is my favorite Newcastle player.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . keeping everyone accountable because in Finland, we Finnish (our drinks).


Chase Desiderio-Taub


How I met the groom: Through my sister, Brittany.

Favorite experience with the groom: Getting Brittany to watch Attack on Titan. She started by saying how stupid it was then couldn’t stop watching it . Ago really hammered it home by giving her a potato as a reference for Christmas.

Fun fact about me: I made my sister an anime addict.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . grooving on the dance floor!


Raffi Manjikian


How I met the groom: I met Ago in the gym at Seton Hall. We were discussing SHU basketball and how I thought the team would do well and he said not to get my hopes up.

Favorite experience with the groom: Ago and I have run many races together and we completed many full marathons together.

Fun fact about me: I am a great dancer and open to learning more moves.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . who is hyping up the bride and groom!


Austin Desiderio-Taub


How I met the groom: When my sister Brittany introduced us.

Favorite experience with the groom: When we went to a beach club in Cape Coral and drank pina coladas and rum buckets.

Fun fact about me: I have never owned a small dog.

At the wedding, I'll be the one. . . wearing a powder blue tux with bright red shoes like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (just kidding, Britt!).

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